One of the business directions of the Company is consulting and providing legal assistance.

Atom Power Industry Trade JSC, cooperating with the companies in the nuclear power industry and other customers in the regions of the Russian Federation, is managing legal disputes on electrical energy generation, transmission, supply and providing services.

Main business directions

Issuing documentation and standard forms:

    • energy supply contracts;
    • purchase contracts;
    • transmission service contracts;
    • contract support in conclusion, editing and termination. 

Defending in courts of law concerning:

    • non-accountable and non-contractual energy consumption;
    • electrical energy quality;
    • settlement disputes on contracts between consumers and market professionals such as last resort providers, power supply companies, distribution companies and retail companies;
    • electrical rate schedule and level of intensity;
    • violation of regulatory energy restrictions/resumption of power consumption mode. 

Arrangement and assisting companies to enter the wholesale market for electricity and power.