Electrical power supply

In accordance with the Operational Committee’s decision, Atom Power Industry Trade JSC is a corporate energy sales company of Rosatom providing comprehensive support to Rosatom enterprises.

Atom Power Industry Trade JSC is 100% subsidiary company of "NovaWind".

The Company is a supplier of electrical energy on competitive terms to other Rosatom companies as well as to out-of-the-industry customers at a cheaper price.

At the moment the total amount of electrical energy, supplied by the Company to its customers, exceeds 3,7 bln kWh in more than 20 regions of the Russian Federation in the first and second pricing zones. The regions of the Company’s operation are represented on the map.

Purchasing of electrical energy at the wholesale energy market is a priority area of energy supply. Atom Power Industry Trade JSC is providing maintenance and functioning of energy control system for its consumers in strict compliance with the existing standards. Data collecting is based on the information system of  Atom Power Industry Trade JSC.

Contracting with the Company provides a highly sophisticated scheme of energy supply, including resolving disputes with energy suppliers and grid companies.

Highly skilled specialists with a vast expertise are successfully protecting their customers’ interests when disputing with grid companies and energy suppliers.